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Homemade Chai Tea

I absolutely LOVE Chai Tea! I think that they are often made too sweet and decided to start making them at home on the stove. I love being able to control how sweet the tea is depending on my mood and the tea is made from herbs right out of my cupboard. Here is the recipe I have found to be best for my personal taste.



Makes about 2 large mugs

2 cups of water

15 cardamom pods

20 cloves

2 small pieces of fresh ginger

2 Tbsp. earl gray tea or black tea

1 cup of milk or cream

Honey to taste – I used 2 Tbsp. for this batch



– Bruise your cardamom pods with a spoon or in a mortar and pestle. I like to put the cloves and pods in together.

– Bring your water to a boil on the stove and add the clove, cardamom and ginger. Turn down heat and let spices simmer for 3-5 min.

– Turn heat to a low setting and add your tea, honey and milk (or cream). You can add bags or put loose tea right in the pot to strain later.

– let the mixture steep for about 5 min.

– Strain into mugs and enjoy!

You can always add more honey later if you like your drink sweet. For a stronger Chai flavor add more cardamom pods to the mixture. When I am feeling a little bit frisky I will add some cinnamon to the mix.