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Sage Smudge

This past weekend I harvested a few different kinds of sage to make sage smudges in my kitchen.

The practice of smudging is common among North American Native spiritual ceremonies. However, sage smudging is used by numerous people and religions all over the world. For the Natives, smudging was used to bless people and places but this same ritual could mean something totally different in another part of the world. In traditional use, the sage herb is often not bound together but we know it commercial to be wrapped. Modern-day smudging is used to correct the energy of a home or person. Cleansing a home of negative energy is said to be accomplished by burning sage in a focused, intentional way. I personally really just enjoy the smell and love throwing it into campfire as it gives off a great smell and helps keep the pests away. Burning a sage smudge close to you as you are working outside also help keep those annoying bugs away.



The only things you will need for this project are:




Keep in mind the string will burn as well, so pick something that will burn easily.


Grab a bunch of sage and line the bottoms up so you can tie string securely around the stems. Some people trim the sage so they are all the same length, but I like to keep it a little more wild and let some of the leaves stick out.


After you have your string secured around the bottom, start wrapping the sage tightly until you reach the top. Once at the top, start using a zig-zag pattern and securing all of the loose leaves still sticking out. There is not a right and wrong way to do this, have fun and make your own string patterns.


Hang the sage to dry in a cool dark place. The drying process usually takes about 2 weeks but could take longer depending on the density of your sage smudge. When the smudge sticks are ready you can light the sage and it will burn like incense. I would not leave large smudges unattended unless they are in a safe fire resistant container or tray. Have fun discovering more ways to use your smudge!