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A Late Summer Harvest

Yesterday I spent the entire day with Cindy, Danielle and little Kaden harvesting herbs and vegetables at Cindy’s house out in the country.  We pulled out one of the herb books on the shelf for a little extra help with our harvesting.  Our biggest project of the day was pulling the comfrey so we could cut and dry the plant’s root.  Here are a few photos from the day.  Lots of future projects to come with all of these herbs!IMG_6410






The rosemary we harvested is now drying in my kitchen.  I strategically placed it right next to the sink where I can smell it every time I am doing the dishes.  Fresh rosemary is probably one of my favorite scents from the garden.


The comfrey grew huge in the garden which made it a little more difficult to dig up.  The roots that were cut and left in the soil will produce new plants for next year, which leaves this hunk of a plant for us.






Lots of oregano for my cooking projects!



The sage plants smelled fantastic and will be used to make smudge sticks!IMG_6460IMG_6467